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Bullring of Madrid. Las Ventas

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2014 Bullfighting Season: Program of Bullfights at Las Ventas Bullring.

The bullfighting season begins in March and terminates in October; bullfights are held every day during the Festival of San Isidro, and every Sunday and holiday dring te rest of the season. Bullfighting festivities begin between five and seven p.m and last for two to three hours.

The Bullring has 18,000 fixed subscriber seat, so to avoid complications in buying tickets at Las Vents, the best option is to purchase of tickets in advance.This will guarantee your a ticket if a famous matador is performing, for these tickets sell out quickly. Servitoro is an official sales service that delivers the tickets to hotels, hostels and similar accomodations during your stay in Spain, the delivery coinciding with the bullfight event.

Bullfight Program at the Las Ventas Bullring

- March: Sunday the 23th and 30th. Two bullfights featuring young bulls without picadors, and the 19 Bullfight wih picadors

- April: Young bulls with picadors, Sunday the 6th, 13th, 20st (Easter Sunday) and the 27th

- May: May 2nd, Festival of the Community of Madrid

- June: Festival of the Bull (Feria del Arte y la Cultura)

- July: Sunday the 7th 14th, 21st, and 28th, Cycle of Young Bulls

- August: Sunday the 4th, 15th, and 18th, Festival of La Paloma

- September: Every Sunday, Eight Nations Cycle of Young Bulls

- October: October 12th, Autumn Festival (season tickets), Hispanic Bullfight (Corrida de la Hispanidad)

2014 Schedule of Events: Calendar of Bullfights, Las Ventas. Madrid


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Bullfighting Prices:


Young Bulls Prices: (**The 2014 prices have not been announced yet)



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