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Bullfight Tickets San Isidro 2015Bullring of Madrid. Las Ventas

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Bullfighting October. Madrid 2015. (24/09/2015)

Thursday, October 2. Novillada (bulls are younger than in a Bullfight). Young bulls from Fuente Ymbro. Featuring Gonzalo Caballero, Francisco José Espada y Borja Jiménez.

Friday, October 3. Bullfight. Bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo. Featuring Finito de Córdoba, Ivan Fandiño and Daniel Luque.

Saturday, October 4. Bullfight. Bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo. Featuring Miguel Abellán.

Sunday, October 5. Morning. Novillada sin picadores (bulls are younger than in a Bullfight without bullfighter´s equestrian assistants). Young Bulls from Jandilla-Vegahermosa for the end of the contest “Camino hacia Las Ventas”.

Sunday, October 5. Afternoon. Bullfight. Bulls from Adolfo Martin. Featuring Uceda Leal, Diego Urdiales, Serafín Marin. Sunday,

October 12. Bullfight. Bulls from Palha. Featuring Sánchez Vara, Israel Lancho and Guerrita Chico.

2015 Bullfighting Season: Program of Bullfights at Las Ventas Bullring.

The bullfighting season begins in March and terminates in October; bullfights are held every day during the Festival of San Isidro, and every Sunday and holiday dring te rest of the season. Bullfighting festivities begin between five and seven p.m and last for two to three hours.

The Bullring has 18,000 fixed subscriber seat, so to avoid complications in buying tickets at Las Vents, the best option is to purchase of tickets in advance.This will guarantee your a ticket if a famous matador is performing, for these tickets sell out quickly. Servitoro is an official sales service that delivers the tickets to hotels, hostels and similar accomodations during your stay in Spain, the delivery coinciding with the bullfight event.

Bullfight Program at the Las Ventas Bullring

- March: Sunday the 23th and 30th. Two bullfights featuring young bulls without picadors, and the 19 Bullfight wih picadors

- April: Young bulls with picadors, Sunday the 6th, 13th, 20st (Easter Sunday) and the 27th

- May: May 2nd, Festival of the Community of Madrid

- June: Festival of the Bull (Feria del Arte y la Cultura)

- July: Sunday the 7th 14th, 21st, and 28th, Cycle of Young Bulls

- August: Sunday the 4th, 15th, and 18th, Festival of La Paloma

- September: Every Sunday, Eight Nations Cycle of Young Bulls

- October: October 12th, Autumn Festival (season tickets), Hispanic Bullfight (Corrida de la Hispanidad)

2015 San Isidro Fair. Complete program of bullfighting events:

Friday, May 09. Bulls from Valdefresno-Fraile Mazas Brothers. Featuring David Mora, Daniel Luque, Diego Silveti.

Saturday, May 10. Bulls from Martín Lorca-Escribano. Featuring Ángel Teruel, Juan del Álamo, David Galván.

Sunday, May 11. Bulls from José Escolar. Featuring Fernando Robleño, Pérez Mota, Miguel Ángel Delgado.

Monday, May 12. Young bulls from de Fuente Ymbro para Mario Diéguez, Román, José Garrido.

Tuesday, may 13. Bulls from Parladé. Featuring El Cid, Iván Fandiño, Ángel Teruel.

Wednesday, May 14. Bulls from La Palmosilla. Featuring Juan José Padilla, Manuel Escribano (confirm his alternative) Joselito Adame.

Thursday, May 15. Bulls from Victoriano del Río. Featuring Enrique Ponce, Sebastián Castella, David Galán (Confirm his alternative).

Friday, May 16. Bulls from Jandilla-Vegahermosa. Featuring Miguel Abellán, El Fandi e Iván Fandiño.

Saturday, May 18. Bulls from Fermín Bohórquez. featuring Diego Ventura, Leonardo Hernández , Andrés Romero (confirm his alternative).

Sunday, May 18. Bulls from Couto de Fornilhos. Featuring Luis A. Gaspar “Paulita”, Morenito de Aranda, Sebastián Ritter.

Monday, May 19. Young Bulls from El Montecillo. featuring Francisco José Espada(presentation in Madrid), Posada de Maravillas (presentation in Madrid) and Lama de Góngora.

Tuesday, May 20. Bulls from El Ventorillo. Featuring David Mora, Antonio Nazaré, Jiménez Fortes.

Wednesday, May  21. Bullfight press. Bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq. Featuring El Cid, El Fandi, Juan del Álamo.

Thusrday, May 22. Bulls from Montalvo. Featuring Finito de Córdoba, Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante.

Friday, May 23. Bulls from Victoriano del Río. Featuring El Juli, José María Manzanares, Miguel Ángel Perera.

Saturday,May. Bulls from Luis Terrón. Featuring Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura and Luis Valdenebro (confirm his alternative).

Sunday, May 25. Bulls from Peñajara. Featuring Víctor Puerto, Eugenio de Mora, Alberto Lamelas.

Monday, May 26. Young Bulls from Guadaira. Featuring Martín Escudero (presentation in Madrid), Gonzalo Caballero and Posada de Maravillas.

Tuesday, May 27. Bulls from José Luis Pereda-La Dehesilla. Featuring Uceda Leal, Curro Díaz, Matías Tejela.

Wednesday, May 28. Bulls from Baltasar Ibán- Moises Fraile. Featuring Fernando Robleño, Luis Bolívar, Rubén Pinar.

Thursday, May 29. Bulls from El Pilar-Moisés Fraile. Featuring Sebastián Castella, José María Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante.

Friday, May 30. Bulls from El Montecillo. Featuring Miguel Abellán, Paco Ureña, Joselito Adame.

Saturday, May 31. Bull from Fermín Bohórquez. Featuring Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Sergio Galán, Manuel Manzanares (confirm his alternative).

Sunday, June 01. Bulls from Montealto Featuring Pedro G.” El Capea”, Alberto Aguilar y Paco Ureña.

Monday, June 02. Bulls from C. Cuadri´s sons. Featuring Javier Castaño, Iván García, José Carlos Venegas (confirm his alternative).

Tuesday, June 03. Bulls from Adolfo Martín. Featuring Antonio Ferrera, Diego Urdiales, Miguel Ángel Perera.

Wednesday, June 04. Bullfight charitable. Bulls from Alcurrucén. Featuring El Juli, Iván Fandiño, Alejandro Talavante.

Thursday, June 05 . Bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo- La ventana del Puerto. Featuring Juan José Padilla, El Cid, Daniel Luque.

Friday, June 06. Bulls from Victorino Martín. Featuring Uceda Leal, Antonio Ferrera, Alberto Aguilar. 

Saturday, June 07. Bulls from Guiomar Cortés. Featuring Rui Fernandes, Raúl Martín Burgos, Mariano Rojo, Joao Moura, Moura Caetano, Francisco Palha.

Sunday, June 08.Bulls from Miura. Featuring Rafaelillo, Javier Castaño, Serafín Marín.

2015 Schedule of Events: Calendar of Bullfights, Las Ventas. Madrid

2015 Ticket Prices, Las Ventas.

Bullfighting Prices:


4,5,6 y 7
Sol y Sombra
3 y 8


2 y Preferente 9, 10 y 1
Barrera 73,30€ 119,10€ 148,90€ 161,00€
Contrabarrera 65,10€ 103,70€ 133,90€ 148,90€
Delantera Baja 59,90€ 96,10€ 119,10€ 132,80€
Fila 1 44,80€ 65,10€ 91,30€ 95,40€
Fila 2 41,10€ 61,60€ 86,50€ 91,30€
Fila 3 36,50€ 58,90€ 83,00€ 86,50€
Fila 4 35,40€ 58,30€ 77,60€ 83,00€
Fila 5 y 6 34,70€ 56,60€ 73,30€ 77,80€
Sobrepuerta 36,00€ 58,30€ 77,10€ 83,00€
Balconcillo Bajo 36,00€ 58,30€ 77,10€ 83,00€
Filas 7 y 8 32,50€ 52,50€ 67,60€ 73,30€
Filas 9 y 10 32,50€ 50,10€ 63,00€ 68,90€
Filas 11 y 12 30,70€ 46,10€ 58,90€ 65,10€
Filas 13 y 14 30,70€ 43,60€ 54,40€ 59,00€
Delantera Alta 30,50€ 44.80€ 52,60€ 57,20€
Filas 15 y 16 28,20€ 39,60€ 52,10€ 56,00€
Filas 17 y 18 28,20€ 36,50€ 52,10€ 52,60€
Filas 19 y 20 26,20€ 36,50€ 50,50€ 50,50€
Filas 21 y 22 26,20€ 33,90€ 47,30€ 47,30€
Filas 23 y 24 25,00€ 33,90€ 44,30€ 44,30€
Balconcillo Alto 23,00€ 30,50€ 43,70€ 43,70€
Filas 25, 26 y 27 23,00€ 30,50€ 41,00€ 41,00€
Delantera de Palco     51,40€ 51,40€
Asiento de Palco     47,40€ 47,40€
Delantera Grada 26,20€ 34,70€ 47,40€ 47,40€
Filas 1-7 21,00€ 25,00€ 35,40€ 35,40€
Delantera Andanada 19,70€ 21,00€ 29,50€ 29,50€
Balconcillo 17,20€ 19,00€ 21,00€ 21,00€
Filas 1-7 17,20€ 19,00€ 21,00€ 21,00€

**The prices include Tax, delivery address and service fees Servitoro12 €/Ticket


Young Bulls Prices: (**The 2015 prices have not been announced yet)



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