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Bullfight tickets Madrid - Las Ventas Bullring 2019. Official Sale.

Tickets sales information bullring of Madrid, Las Ventas

Bullfight Tickets San Isidro 2019

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Bullfight tickets for San Isidro Fair 2019. Program


2019 bullfighting season will begin in March, the posters and official prices have not yet been published. You can make your request for advance information and, as soon as the final combinations are announced, we will get in touch with you to provide you with all the information and to be able to formalize the booking of your tickets.

The Monumental of Las Ventas is the most important bullring in the world and celebrates the largest fair and the largest number of bullfights, which is why the number of subscribers is very high and it is difficult to get tickets to attend the Fair of San Isidro as well as other great dates of the bullfighting calendar. In addition visitors from all corners of the planet come every year to meet and enjoy the incredible spectacle of bullfighting.

We recommend, therefore, make your reservation in advance and take advantage of the different packages of tickets and mini-season tickets available for our customers in order to ensure your seat in the bullring.

Bullfight Season: Program of Bullfights at Las Ventas Bullring


The management company, Plaza 1, presents at the beginning of March the calendar prepared.

The season begins the third Sunday of March and extends until October 12, National Feast Day and the traditional season closing day. During these months there’s a bullfight every Sunday, including steers bullfight.

The first important posters arrive in Easter: Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday.

At the beginning of May the Community Fair takes place on May 2, Community of Madrid Day, usually consisting of bullfights 1 and 2 May, the last one is the traditional ‘Goyesca’ (bullfighters wear old and artistic clothes, from Francisco de Goya’s time).

A few days after the cycle of San Isidro starts, an whole month of festivities until early June. There are usually steers bullfights on Mondays, bullfight with horses on Saturdays and the rest of days just bullfights. The first week of June also takes place, although out of season ticket, the Charity bullfight.

During July, August and September the cycle of steers bullfights is given as well as opportunity bullfights for the different bullfighters; including August 15, the Day of the Virgin.

The Fair of Autumn occupies the last days of September and the beginning of October and it has a steers bullfight and three bullfights. It has its own season ticket.

On October 12, Hispanic Day, the last bullfight of the season takes place.

the big great bullfights events

march seasons begins

april palm and easter sunday

may community and san isidro fair

june charity bullfight

july night bullfights

august virgin day

september duel livestock

october autumn fair

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Festivites in honour of San Isidro Laborer, history


San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid and is celebrated on May 15. Years ago there were different bullfights during the month, but in 1947 while being the manager Livino Stuyck, he unified them around the saint's feast and created a season ticket for what was called the "Fair of Madrid".

Initially it consisted of five bullfights, increasing over the time to reach the current 31. A whole month plenty of bullfights, bullfights with horses and steers bullfights. It starts the first days of May and finishes the first days of June and is definitely the most important fair in the world, both for its duration and the importance of what happens there.

The Fair brings together the best bullfighters but also the least known or those novices in search of the great one opportunity. A triumph in Las Ventas can mean a turnaround in the season of a bullfighter who had few bullfights and open the door to the next big fairs. In fact there are several that wait the end of San Isidro to present their combinations and to include who could have won the place after Madrid. Exactly the same thing happens with novices (steers bullfighters); Madrid definitely marks the future of all those who step its arena.

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