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The bullring of Las Ventas starts the season in March and ends in October. It celebrates annually between 60 and 70 celebrations, spread throughout the year, between different fairs and bullfighting cycles.

The Community of Madrid Fair: between April 30th and May 2nd, to celebrate the festivity of the Community of Madrid. On May 2nd there is a Goyesca bullfight. 

San Isidro Fair: It begins around May 10th and ends on June 18th (27 shows), it's the longest fair in the bullfighting calendar and the most important. 

Art and Culture Fair: The first days of June. (5-6 shows). 
Promotional cycle of novilleros: in July. 
Promotional cycle of bullfighters: in August. 
8 Nations International Novillada Cycle: in September. 
Autumn Fair: the first days of September.

Celebration of holidays: there are bullfights on the holidays corresponding to, Easter Sunday, August 15th and October 12th (this celebration marks the end of the season).

The bullring has 18,000 fixed-seat subscribers. So buying tickets in Las Ventas can be complicated, the best option is to request them in advance at the Official Servitoro sales service.

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