San Isidro 2024. The alternative confirmations.

If there’s something that distinguishes and characterizes the 2024 San Isidro Fair, it’s the confirmations of alternative. Up to five matadors ratify their doctorate this spring at Las Ventas, joined by the Portuguese Manuel Días Gomes, who does the same on Easter Sunday. Young bullfighters, new names, fighting to carve out a place in the rankings and get their heads into the fairs. These are their stories:

confirmación de alternativa Guillermo García Pulido
Guillermo García Pulido

Guillermo García Pulido

Bullfighter from Toledo, trained at the Madrid Bullfighting School, he is the most recent alternative among all, as he becomes a matador in the early Valdemorillo Fair. Winner of the prestigious Alfarero de Oro in Villaseca de la Sagra last year, he also cut two ears in Madrid throughout the season, and showcased exquisite natural bullfighting in the last Autumn Fair. A seasoned and experienced bullfighter in all types of novilladas, he arrives well-prepared despite his recent doctorate. He confirms on May 10th with Morante and Urdiales on the bill, facing bulls from Alcurrucén and El Cortijillo.

Torero Alejandro Fermín
Torero Alejandro Fermín

Alejandro Fermín

A familiar face to the Las Ventas audience, where he bullfighted up to nine times as a novillero, the last being in the 2021 Autumn Fair. Hailing from Extremadura, with excellent style, his Achilles’ heel lies in his handling of the sword. With a more consistent and effective swordmanship, his performances in Madrid and other arenas where he has been announced would have greatly increased his impact. He’s scheduled for a standout date, May 15th, the patron saint’s day, with Miguel Ángel Perera serving as the sponsor and Paco Ureña witnessing the ceremony. The bulls are from El Parralejo.

torero Jorge Martínez
Photo: Arjona Lances de Futuro. Bullfighter Jorge Martínez

Jorge Martínez

Bullfighter with a refined concept, hailing from Totana (Murcia) but who forged his career in Almería, under the supervision of bullfighter Ruiz Manuel. His appearance denotes fragility, but in front of the bull, he transforms, and from his wrists emerges a bullfighting of great quality, due to the pulse and the line he gives to each muletazo. In the memory of the aficionado, the natural passes to a bull from Valdellán, in the Autumn Fair of 2022. After receiving his doctorate in the last edition of the Virgen del Mar Fair, he comes to ratify it on Friday, May 24th, in one of the most eagerly anticipated bills of the season: Cayetano will be the sponsor of the ceremony, and Andrés Roca Rey the witness. Bulls from Conde de Mayalde are announced.

Torero Christian Parejo
Torero Christian Parejo

Christian Parejo

Gaditano bullfighter, he has made a name for himself as a torero, however, in the southeastern France, specifically in Béziers, under the tutelage of bullfighter Tomas Cerqueira. Small in stature, he is not lacking in resources and solvency, as during his novillero stage he showed ample capacity with cattle of all conditions. He enjoys a well-deserved reputation in the neighboring country, while in Las Ventas, he experienced both sides of the coin last year: He stood out in San Isidro and cut an ear in the cycle of nighttime novilladas, although he was injured in the final of said competition. He will make his debut at Las Ventas on Saturday, May 25th, in a top-notch bill, accompanied by Sebastián Castella and Daniel Luque to fight a Salamancan herd with the brand of La Ventana del Puerto.

torero Víctor Hernández
Torero Christian Parejo

Víctor Hernández

He is the last of the announced matadors in this San Isidro to confirm his doctorate. This bullfighter from Los Santos de la Humosa, who became a torero at the Guadalajara Bullfighting School, appears in the bill on Thursday, May 30th, the feast day of San Fernando. His career as a novillero is marked by significant successes, including the Zapato de Oro in Arnedo in 2022 and a Puerta Grande, that same season, in the Monumental of Las Ventas. He has good handling of the capes, agility and confidence in front of the animals, and an interpretive style that is both suggestive and resolved. He will perform accompanied by José María Manzanares and Daniel Luque with bulls from “Núñez” from Alcurrucén and El Cortijillo, owned by the Lozano family.

José Miguel Arruego

José Miguel Arruego

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