Autumn Fair 2019

Autumn Fair, 2019:
        • Friday, September 27th: steers of Fuente Ymbro for El Rafi, Tomás Rufo and Fernando Plaza.
        • Saturday, September 28th: bulls of Puerto de San Lorenzo-La Ventana del Puerto for the bullfighters Daniel Luque, Juan Leal and Juan Ortega.
        • Sunday, September 29th: bulls of Victoriano del Río, Núñez del Cuvillo and Juan Pedro Domecq – Parladé for Miguel Ángel Perera and Paco Ureña.
        • Friday, October 4th: bulls of Fuente Ymbro for El Cid, Emilio de Justo and Ginés Marín.
        • Saturday, October 5th: bulls of Núñez de Cuvillo, Alcurrucén, Adolfo Martín, Parladé – Juan Pedro Domecq, Victoriano del Río – Cortés and Garcigrande – Domingo Hernández for the bullfighters Antonio Ferrera in solitary.
        • Sunday, October 6th: bulls of Adolfo Martín for Curro Díaz, López Chaves and Manuel Escribano.

      Another bullfighting posters, another years: