Pre-Fair 2017

  • Sunday, March 26th: steers of Fuente Ymbro for Pablo Aguado, Leo Valadez, and Diego Carretero.
  • Sunday, April 2nd: steers La Quinta. Bullfighters: Manolo Vanegas, Ángel Sánchez and García Navarrete.
  • Sunday, April 9th: bulls Victorino Martín for Iván Fandiño, Alberto Aguilar and Gómez del Pilar.
  • Sunday, April 16th: bulls of Montealto for Curro Díaz and José Garrido hand to hand.
  • Sunday, April 23rd: steers of Los Chospes para Mario Palacios, and the presentation of Miguel Ángel Pacheco and Adrien Salenc.

    Another bullfighting posters, another years: