Tourism in Madrid

Madrid is the political, economic and cultural heart. The energetic style of the capital is addictive. In the same day you can see Las Meninas, Guernica, go to a bullfight and eat “churros”. This place is, as the Castizos say, “muy chulo” (very cool).

Go shopping:

Shopping is a necessary pleasure and for many years my favorite route is from Fuencarral street to Gran Via. Walking between the small streets of Chueca, Barquillo and of course Prim and Almirante.

Eating in Madrid:

Madrid has everything and so good that it is impossible to summarize, here are the best places I know:

El Mercado de San Miguel: A market where everything is amazing. This traditional Madrid market located next to the Plaza Mayor has been converted into a market with gourmet stalls where you can buy, order, drink and eat everything with the best quality. It is a memorable experience. . Plaza de San Miguel s/ n. 28005 Madrid.

Home Burguer: the hamburgers of this place are in the ranking of the best in Madrid.Their organic and fresh hamburgers with an incredible taste. C/ Espíritu santo 12. 28004 Madrid.

El Almendro: A traditional tavern in Madrid, even the singer “Ismael Serrano” mentions it in his songs. Ham croquettes and scrambled eggs accompanied with a Barbadillo, great!. C/ El Almendro 13. 28005 Madrid (Area: Cava Baja, Latina)

El Quinto Vino: croquettes in Madrid are an institution and without a doubt the best ones are in this small tavern where croquettes and good wine are its main attraction. C/ Hernani 48. 28020 Madrid.

Lhardy: Consomme and sandwiches, it is said that the fate of Spain was decided in the upstairs dining room over a good “cocido”. C/ Carrera de San Jerónimo 8. 28014 Madrid.

Casa Mingo: A fantastic place. There are posters on the walls that expressly forbid singing. The menu is short and offers crispy and juicy chicken, salad, some Asturian food and cider. Paseo de la Florida 34. 28008 Madrid.

A coffee:

Living in London: a little piece of London in Madrid. This tea shop with a retro London tea room style makes it unique in Madrid. With a book by Jean Austen and a cup of tea, you will immerse yourself in Victorian England. C/Santa Engracia 4. 28010 Madrid.

Under the dome of the Westin El Palace Hotel: treat yourself for less than you think, the luxury hotel is located in the art triangle, the stained glass dome looks like a movie. Plaza de Las Cortes 7. 28014 Madrid.

Have a drink:

Madrid is the only city where you will find a traffic jam at 4 am with lots of people who want to have a good time.

The terrace of the Room Mate Oscar Hotel from here you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in the capital Plaza Vázquez de Mella 12. 28004 Madrid.

The best sweets:

La Mallorquina: This pastry shop is the pleasure of the sweet tooth. And for some strange reason all Madrilenians choose its corner to meet (Puerta del Sol with Calle Mayor) perhaps the most famous, popular and unique corner of Madrid. Calle Mayor 2. 28013 Madrid.

My Cakes and Pops: The best American-flavored sweets can be ordered there. Plaza Vázquez de Mella 12. 28004 Madrid.


Madrid’s Broadway is located on Gran Vía, we recommend you check out the theater review blog with the best and worst of the plays premiered in Madrid.

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