The reappearance of Alejandro Talavante “The samurai bullfighter”.

Today is three years and three months since Alejandro Talavante (who since an interview with Andreu Buenafuente was nicknamed the Samurai Bullfighter) announced his retirement at the Feria del Pilar, Zaragoza where Juan Jose Padilla also announced his retirement. Talavante has chosen Las Ventas bullring, the main bullring in the world, as the place where he will make his reappearance.

He already announced a week ago his return to the bullring in Arles, but we did not know until today where he would reappear in Spain, so, we recover one of the best bullfighters.

And it is that we must remember the reasons for Talavante’s retirement, tired of the boycott of the system formed by four big families that occupy the business in the bullfighting world.

On May 25, 2018, in Las Ventas Alejandro Talavante went out on the shoulders of his fans, for a great bullfight with bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo. The Extremaduran consolidates himself as one of the best bullfighters and that night at the door of the Palace he comments to one of his best friends: “Next year I will fight only 20 good bullfights. I’m tired of going to small bullrings as my agent wants.I’m fed up with the system that the bullfighting world has”.

And after spending a long time out of the bullrings he is back. We have been able to see him during these years in New York with international celebrities and finally we have him back and he returns more independent than ever, choosing fairs and bull ranches.

The fans of Madrid will be grateful for his participation as it will increase the income of the box office, tickets which can be purchased officially on the Servitoro website that has been promoting the bullfighting sector for more than a decade, offering tickets in third and second category bullrings that not many people in this country know exist.

We hope and wish that Talavante performs in many bullrings throughout the year, apart from Las Ventas.

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