Autumn Fair Madrid 2022

Autumn returns to the capital of Spain and with it an exciting and prestigious Autumn Fair at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.

The management company Plaza 1 returns to manage again the most important bullring in the world, has returned to present spectacular posters.

The Autumn bullfighting fair consists of a weekend with two bullfighting events on October 1st and 2nd, and six consecutive days of bullfighting from October 6th to 12th, which closes with the Hispanidad Day.

The top level posters includes the stars of the moment, Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey, Alejandro Talavante, Juan Ortega, Pablo Aguado, Miguel Angel Perera and this year’s triumphant bullfighters and such as Angel Tellez and the revelations bullfighters, Alvaro Alarcón, Diego García and Victor Hernández.

The bulls will be from important livestocks such as Puerto de San Lorenzo, Victoriano del Rio, Adolfo Martin, El Pilar and Fuente Ymbro repeats with two bullfighting shows.

These are the posters of the Autumn Fair

• Saturday 01/10 Novillada show. Víctor Hernández and Álvaro Alarcón, hand to hand (Fuente Ymbro)

• Sunday 02/10 Bullfight. Adrián de Torres (confirmation), Román and Ángel Sánchez (Adolfo Martín)

• Thursday 06/10 Novillada show. Yon Lamothe (presentation), Diego García and Jorge Martínez (Valdellán)

• Friday 07/10 Bullfight. Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado (El Pilar)

• Saturday 08/10 Bullfight. Uceda Leal, Morante de la Puebla and Ángel Téllez (Puerto de San Lorenzo/ La Ventana del Puerto)

• Sunday 09/10 Bullfight. Miguel Ángel Perera, Juan Leal and Álvaro Lorenzo (Fuente Ymbro)

• Tuesday 11/10 Novillada show, Final phase of the Contest Camino hacia Las Ventas.

• Wednesday 12/10 Bullfight. Hispanidad Day. Talavante, Roca Rey and Fco. de Manuel – out of subscription – (Victoriano del Río/ T. de Cortés)

All the events will begin at 6:00 pm, except the bullfight of the Hispanidad Day, which will begin at 5:00 pm.

You can get the best seat, buying your ticket in advance at, official sales service of Las Ventas bullring, Madrid.

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