Why you should not miss the Autumn Fair 2023?

It is not San Isidro, but the Autumn Fair is a consolidated cycle in Las Ventas, which each season offers the opportunity to watch for the last time in Madrid the stars of bullfighting before the end of the season.

This year’s edition has many attractions, so many that we are going to list them for you to know why you should not miss this great Fair:

  1. Farewell to El Juli: legendary star, reference of the last two decades, bullfighter of Madrid, El Juli says goodbye to Las Ventas together with a bullfighter Uceda Leal and last year’s revelation, Tomás Rufo.

  2. The triumphant of San Isidro returns: Castella returns to Las Ventas after being crowned in June as the winner of the San Isidro Fair. The French bullfighter will be accompanied by Ureña and Ginés Marín, who promise a great performance.

  3. Appointment with art: Pablo Aguado and Juan Ortega, two different bullfighters, who don’t want to fight like the others, face to face. Also with Daniel Luque, a privileged bullfighter, in the best moment of his career. On Saturday 7th, fans have an appointment with art.

  4. Victorino, always Victorino: After his great bullfight of San Isidro, Victorino repeats in the Autumn Fair with the idea of giving again a great performance of four months ago. In the poster three young bullfighters, but amply prepared.

  5. The future is here: Two young bullfighters will be presented this Autumn in Madrid: Ismael Martín and Cristiano Torres. The ability of one and the courage of the other promise strong emotions. They are also accompanied by Burdiel, Peñaranda, García Pulido and Jorge Molina, who earned their place in this Fair after their great season.

What more do you need to come to the Autumn Fair at Las Ventas?

José Miguel Arruego

José Miguel Arruego

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